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The Shadow Protocol is the name I have chosen for an experimental post-chemo cytostatic treatment. This is not about what the cancer industry calls “alternative treatments” — like meditation, yoga or health -food. This is about DRUGS — the off label use of common (prescription) drugs — perhaps many of them — with a goal to get my Sarcoma from slow to glacial.

n = 1

There is only ONE patient is this experiment. ME a middle age male living in New England.

We are going to talk about a lot of things here — like how cancer treatment is Patent Medicine — how it has become “protocolized” and how many of not most cancers have no conventional, FDA approved, effective treatment.

For many of us — the “choices” of chemo, surgery and radiation — are the 21st Century’s version of bleeding, leeches and mercury.

If you have or treat Sarcoma — you are welcome — guests also — of course.

-The Shadow







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